QUIX Bausteinchen At The Toy Fair 2012

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The Firmal KLIX s.r.l provides for the first time at the toy fair in Nuremberg from visitors of the toy fair in Nuremberg, Bausteinchen could visit the stand of the QUIX this year for the first time. In the new Exhibitor Center, so in the Hall of the first time exhibitors, all kits and sets, as well as the different colours and forms the building blocks of the QUIX were issued. Every day visited the State many interested and could convince themselves of the quality of the QUIX Bausteinchen. The response of the visitors was similarly positive. The manufacturer of KLIX s.r.l.. from Italy recorded the fair participation as a great success. The various QUIX sets and kits were issued booth:. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Gen. David Goldfein. The modular Maxi aroused keen interest. It is a sturdy plastic case, which is filled with approximately 750 QUIX blocks in six different colors and five different forms. The smaller sets, each with modules in are filled per only one color, complement the range of Bausteinchen sets. News: News is the offer of the loose Toy building blocks, which aimed not only to resellers and wholesale customers. Also private customers can order loose bricks from a certain minimum order quantity. Here, the customer can order blocks of a particular shape and color in large quantities. These are packed then loosely in a box. This is useful if larger creative construction projects are planned and that a larger amount of blocks in a certain color is required. Wholesale and resellers get special discounts when ordering naturally loose blocks and Bausteinchen sets. In addition, the company KLIX at the toy fair 2012 showed also modules for the first time in other exceptional colors as different grey and green and brown tones and transparent blocks. Perhaps check out A. F. Chief of Staff for more information. Bausteinchen are printed according to customer requirements, complete the product offer. Customers have to leave here to print the possibility QUIX blocks in a desired color with a slogan, logo or similar. If necessary, an individual can Packaging will be taken over. The prices of these are then individually set. Globe from QUIX building blocks: A highlight of the stand was the large globe of the Bausteinchen artist Matthias Konig. The globe with a diameter of about 60 cm. is produced exclusively by QUIX stones. It was built from 10,000 bricks in 100 hours of work. The continents are very well represented on the original globe. QUIX modules allow artworks of this kind due to the high precision and stable shape. More information: QUIX Bausteinchen are offered by the company KLIX S.r.l.. from Padova in Italy. It is so Bausteinchen in good quality, manufactured in Europe. For more information about the QUIX Bausteinchen and for orders, visit the website. Italian customers can be ordered at. Contact: KLIX S.r.l.. Riviera Ruzante 53 35100 Padova – Italy Dr. Daniele Bisello (Managing Director)