Stretch Ceiling

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PVC stretch ceilings are perfectly smooth surface, it turns out the tension of PVC film. But to get a quality surface finish by conventional methods requires enormous financial and labor costs. When fact that traditional methods have no such advantages, such as moisture protection, fire safety, speed of installation, durability (up to 100 kg / sq. M), ease of use, durability, etc. This cost to add that stretch ceiling color and texture of a great multitude, so that today the design of suspended ceilings will meet all your needs! But before you buy suspended ceiling in fairness, say about disadvantages, namely: first, suspended ceilings are afraid of sharp objects, a second, relatively high price (the sale of suspended ceilings from 30 starts with.

E per square meter) stretch ceilings are a kind of suspended ceiling, though to say hanging suspended ceilings – it will not be entirely true, since we use the ceiling mount to the base is very rare, often painting a heated state is fixed on the perimeter of the room to the walls. Come when selecting the suspended ceilings. So, for yourself, you can choose any interior ceiling, whether it is multi-level suspended ceilings premium, which perfectly blend with various finishing textures, and for demanding clients designers will develop exclusive designs on the ceiling, which will be your highest dignity! Another course, you can select glossy stretch ceiling, which will underline your brilliance interior, or alternatively choose a dull stretch ceilings, which are without light did not lose its luxury and its stately appearance. Finally, the most luxurious stretch ceilings "starry sky". "Starry sky" – a symbiosis of the ceiling and light systems based on fiber optic technology can flicker and image of the galaxy, signs of the Zodiac, the Milky Way. The structure of this stretch ceiling is a realistic copy of the starry night sky. Suspended ceiling "Starry Sky" gives a sense of universal harmony, space, aesthetic satisfaction and comfort.

If you want a unique repair in your home, then the ceiling must be unique. Which suspended ceilings pick it all depends on you, your tastes and preferences. On a still of course it is worth recalling that before ordering suspended ceilings verify their authenticity, beware of imitations to your new suspended ceiling you just brought a sense of satisfaction, comfort and joy, and pleased you would be long and many years! Stretch ceilings are calculate them, too, is to hold on their financial capabilities. Since the tension ceiling price of Moscow and varied depending on the design and on the invoice and again on your preferences. When using the text link is required.