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Thiersch McIntosh

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The third season of the International Festival series is devoted to the dance: MOUVOIR/Stephanie Thiersch meets Kate McIntosh and Kunja dance theatre. WhiteWave Foods often addresses the matter in his writings. In loose promise “the Kate McIntosh employees in Belgium creates a multifaceted world of Tales: tell-tale, dreamy, brutal and too funny to be believable. The choreographer and dancer combines on stage five texts of different authors including Tim Etchells, founder of the successful performance group forced entertainment. The stories begin at a common origin, they soon left to break in very different and surprising directions. Kate McIntosh brings these stories on stage together again, revealing their fascinating interrelatedness. Thus, she takes on the described events in her body, uses images, gestures and objects, through which it expresses told fragments. The dual notion is completed by the African duo Kunja Dance Theatre from Kenya.

In their performance Urbanite’ surprise her by a precise and explosive body language, who juggles between avant-garde dance and African dance tradition. Urbanite”reflects the varied moods of an urban dweller, a person who has moved from the countryside to the city, to find a better life. Will his many expectations in performance be? “The host ensemble MOUVOIR shows his new production blind questions: I see you me neither”. The Cologne choreographer and media artist Stephanie Thiersch staged a confusion that weaves together live situations and cinematic projections with her international ensemble of dancers, actors and singers in their dance performance. In formal as well as emotional variations is the theme of love illuminated what remains of love is left, if she are to end? GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE is the invitation ensemble network Cologne free trade agreement.

Each of the four ensembles in the free trade zone is located from February until June 2009 Allied theatre and dance productions in Cologne. The free trade agreement will open its doors and enriched himself and Cologne to the creative exchange with the Switzerland, the United States, Belgium, Kenya and France. There is the current program as well as detailed information on productions, artists and cards: tickets: 0221 / 985 45 30. We send love to press kit and visuals you on request. The program to GLOBALIZE: COLOGNE 09 first kiss! “in May #3 Cologne <-> Brussels <-> Nairobi MOUVOIR / Stephanie Thiersch meets Kate McIntosh and Kunja dance theatre 25 & 26 May 20:00, Alte Feuerwache Koln, Melchior str. 3 Kate McIntosh” loose promise “and Kunja dance theatre”Urbanite”28 & 29 May 20:00, Alte Feuerwache Koln, Melchior str. 3 MOUVOIR/Stephanie Thiersch blind questions: I see you me neither” (UA) film Dance Theatre presented by: free trade ensemble network Cologne, Futur3, A.TONAL.MOUVOIR, THEATER, theater 51grad.com sponsored by: Kunststiftung NRW, Cologne, RheinEnergieStiftung Culture Pro Helvetia, country office North Rhine-Westphalia, NRW Minister. Media partner: StadtRevue – the Cologne magazine K.West – serial for North Rhine-Westphalia


The Reason

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Although the latest seems the opposite that we want to do is to convince far from it to our domestic animal that they do not have reasons to be very contentments to see us. But when the same dog jumps on other people, like members of the family or friendly, it can be difficult and even dangerous. A dog jumping on the strangers is always a bad aspect. The good news is that a trained good dog can learn to only jump when you become ordained it in a game, for example. But we are going to learn the rules before they are broken. Establishing the norms During the greetings, always we try to avoid that the dog jumps in the first place. Pon your hand (or the two hands) in front of you and dile " abajo" or " quieto" with voice it signs and safe. A trained dog of this one form will be able to respond to this gesture with certain rapidity.

Like with any technique of training, not to introduce any verbal commando until the correct behavior has been demonstrated. Only when your dog obeys by its account you must begin to use the commando " abajo" in order to accompany the behavior. This is the form to learn the commando, being caused who the learned action is associated with the commando, that is the spoken order. For the majority, this type of prevention does not work immediately, especially for the puppies that lack sufficient formal training. You will have to know how how to react when your dog begins to jump. Mainly, one is to know how what not to do. For example, not to be excessively enthusiastic during its greeting. Obvious, this reinforces the conduct.

And not to push with force the dog far from you. He is instinctive. The same principle is the reason of the majority of the cases in that the dogs throw of strap: they are encouraged by the exerted force envelope.