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Mining machinery industry is closely connected to China s economic growth and rise, therefore, in order to improve the level of national economic life, the country issuers a series of excellent supporting policies, including the relevant policies in the development of sand making industry. With the purpose of keeping up with the pace of the construction development, Hongxing constantly reforms and improves the equipment and production technology so as to meet the challenges with these high efficiency sand makers unknown. The experienced instructors of sand making operation know that the components of sand makers are easy to wear and loosen which are easy to malfunction if there is not timely maintenance and upkeep, so the newly acquired sand maker should be focused on. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of machinery, such as cone crusher mining, HXJQ is always doing the best in products and service. With the rise of the western region s mining industry, the vast mining market will continuously rapid develop and thereby increase the demand of market sand. In the railway applications, with the development of the railway construction planning, road infrastructure, cement and other construction is bound to pull in the growth of the sand making industry. As well as the chemical and water conservancy will maintain rapid growth in the next years which will pull the demand for the sand makers. As the manufacturers of sand making equipment, Hongxing is constantly develops and provide enough qualified building aggregate. Meantime, Hongxing vigorously promote the production and application of artificial sand to make beneficial initiatives for the long-term sustainable development of the country.