Building Mixes Material

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Let's first take a look at what the dry mix, and what they are. So, the mortar is dry component material used for various types of construction and repair work. Ready for of material obtained by mixing powdered formula with water in the necessary proportions. Appointment of dry building mixes different. The basis of most mixtures is either sand or cement, or building plaster. But their final list of selected clearly for specific purposes and is a proprietary recipe of each manufacturer, ensuring maximum results. Depending on the application and the desired result in a mixture of various components are added, giving her strength, relief, grit, gloss on the finished surface, etc.

The main varieties of dry mixes are characterized by their target purpose: – to strengthen the weak bases – for sealing joints and seams – for waterproof surface – decorative paint (for facade work) – putty mixtures (for repairs) – peskobetonnye masonry mixture. Thus, the modern dry mix can be used on virtually all phases of construction, from foundation work to decorate the interior. A, respectively, without them can not do any professional builders, nor the ordinary enthusiasts, making repairs in his apartment, house or cottage. Working with this material requires certain skills, and perhaps just a newbie will not be able to achieve the desired result, but you always help to manufacturers' recommendations on the use of a particular type of construction of the mixture. And the use of its clear purpose to provide a much longer maintain the specified properties of the surface prepared with the mixture and, therefore, disappear in need frequent repairs, which will save you money. The main thing to imagine clearly the desired result and avoid mistakes in the choice of quality material.