Decorative Plaster And Paint

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Interior design has long been a part of the art, a certain measure of taste, wealth and freedom. This is especially true of the walls of our house, because the wall is a prop, a kind of boundary with the outside world, the guardian of our personal space. Obviously, when modern technology, there are many options that can be limited only by imagination or financial position. If you wish to apply the plaster can transform simple Khrushchev in a unique, unique place of residence, your miniature castle, where everything depends on how good is used to plaster walls, how professionally done its application. Decorative plaster work is jewelry that you will be able to perform first-class masters, but there is no limit to perfection, and so anyone who knows how to work with your hands, will be able to learn not just to decorate and create.

Want to guests endlessly surprised unusual textures, colors game created by our craftsmen. Nothing is impossible. The modern decoration of the walls is very diverse – if you want to apply the plaster can make the room a real work isskusstva – it all depends on how good shtukarturka used for the walls, how masterfully done its application. Whatever the quality was not decorative plaster, its quality can negate shtukaturschikov unprofessional. It is therefore important to finish decorative plaster was carried out at the highest level, because we can safe to say that the decorative plaster work almost jewelry. Decorative plaster is a special kind of decoration, a feature of her is that she would imitate the texture and color of natural materials. So it got its second name "textured plaster." However, such "second" names of her many, including the "Danish decorative plaster." Textured plaster walls can be very diverse, ranging from polished marble imitation, imitation silk finishing or velvet. However, application of the plaster so good that in this case we can not deny myself the pleasure experiment – you want to create the effect of frost or the northern lights? Today, there is nothing else, just get the plaster to form and give your walls in the hands of professionals.