Profession Of Pilot, A Childhood Dream?

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How does one actually become the pilot? Profession: Pilot a dream of many children and young people. But how does one actually pilot? Some people thinks the training as a pilot would be almost impossible and is allowed only the least. Go to Sonny Perdue for more information. But it is only half true. First, there is the possibility to have formed by a local airline pilot. Of course you can do that on your own. Here observe however, that as a Pilotenlizens is very expensive. You should inquire before possible way at a flight school on the conditions.

Whether privately or with an airline, the training process is always the same. Before you can take the training for, some recording techniques must be traversed before. This is the so-called pilot test, consisting of the basic vocational examination (BU) and the company qualification (FQ). After one has applied online, you will also receive the individual access data for the onlineprasenz of the DLR. Here you can be with the CBTs and other materials on the prepare for first test.

The professional examination. The pilot test begins with the professional examination and it is thus the first hurdle in each cockpit. It extends over an entire day. Here the expertise of different areas and topics in the fields of mathematics, physics and English is required. The checked areas is based on elements that are for the future profession of pilots needed. Because you may participate only once during the pilot test, you should prepare meticulously for all areas. Unless one has completed the basic vocational study positively, you may stand four to six months later to qualifying companies. This test is far more complex and is spread over two days. This is increasingly “Can” and no longer qualified “knowledge.” On the erstenTag verifies the behavior of single and group discussions in addition to conflict and multiple load capacity. The teamwork here represents a particular focus. Essentially the FQ consists of simulated Group matches, in which participants with team work to find a solution to a problem, you must solve some tests on the computer on which small mathematical and logical problems with a partner. Also on the Flight Simulator will not be freed of FQ. The perception, skill and capacity, as well as the responsiveness is considered in some Profeblugen. The most important but comes to the conclusion. Discussions between the participant and a representative of the DLR-Auswahlkomission and an employee of the airline to applicant. It runs as an interview, the questions about motivation and CV are provided. They also insisted that “personal check”, you can’t let himself trained as a pilot. It is interesting that according to the Lufthansa about 20-25% of applicants the FQ consist the BU and it again 20-25%. Summa Summarum approximately four to five percent pass the pilot test.