Repair And Trouble

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At the beginning of repair you need to tune in to this … most repairs! It means to realize that you have to suffer long-term inconvenience for the sake of the interior of your dreams. Then is to determine – what you want to see the result of their homes, what picture? In general, the initial phase is important to consider the concept of the apartment. Although it is possible that in the process you have a lot of deviations from the original version of that with the change desires, with no right stroytovarov. But the plan still need to be. Think about everything in advance, talk to different people, flip through fashion magazines, look at the relevant sites on the Internet.

And do the project. Additional information at Secretary of Agriculture supports this article. Themselves or by hand, as able, or book design project with a specialist. Also, decide in advance – if you need to redesign and whether it agree, and what materials will be used. Important – calculating an estimate for repair work, add to it another 10% interest in any contingencies. If you decide to divide your home into different zones, the walls can serve not only the standard wall but modern sliding partitions made of glass, wood, mirrored walls, etc.

Before you invite artists to work with the walls, make sure in advance, decide where to be additional outlets, switches, conclusions for lamps. Properly distributed wiring rid of the abundance of cords in the future. As for the walls, it can be either smooth (wallpaper, paint), or invoice, that is different from a plaster-coated structure. There is another option artistic painting – easy to clean and low cost. But decorating the ceiling is more diverse: the simple painting and whitewashing, and installing tile ceiling, stretched, suspended. It is necessary to choose for the way under your premise, and finance. Remember that first job comes with walls and ceiling, and only then with the floor (although, if you want paperhanging, it takes place after.) A small clarification: if you planned to combine the tiles and parquet on the floor, then put the first tile. Repair – is it still difficult. And hand in it, do everything thoroughly and conscientiously. After relining tiles or walls of the transfer – the process izmytvayuschy and costly.