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Industrial Revolution

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The crisis of the escravismo if gave mainly for the exaggerated increase of the number of slaves they could control without you them, and mainly why a revolutionary classroom did not exist. The way of escravista production finished entering in decline until complete its disappearance, that culminated in the sprouting, slow and delayed well, of the feudalismo. The feudalismo had for characteristic the self-sufficient production, that had the servant as its ' ' explorado' ' , for feudal Mr. In the truth he did not have an exploration properly said, therefore the servants took care of of the land, the instruments of work, and were with a part of what he was produced, clearly being feudal Mr. with most. Already in exchange Mr. of the feudal he would guarantee military defense of all.

Feudal they had perceived you that gaining its part, the servants work more and better. in this way appeared again exceeding of production, that could be changed in other feudals of other regions, making with this, the magnifying of the routes deals. Later with the Industrial Revolution (1776-1830), organized for the classroom in ascension, the bourgeoisie, the new model would appear of exploration that is the capitalism, and consequentemente would appear also two basic classrooms in this process: bourgeoisie and the proletariat. To break daqui we will initiate a point of vision of the social situation, the point of the sprouting of the capital and for consequence of the capitalism. Since the evolution in the production ways, that finished culminating in the capitalism, we perceive a individualizao of the individual, having breached with the society. The social life exclusively passes to be influenced by the private property, and the money, that is fruit of the private property, starts to be the center of all the relations. The capitalism transforms all the people into adversaries and all the relations are based on disputes for money and estatus.